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A Baby Footprint or Handprint Is A Wonderful Keepsake

Making a baby footprint or handprint is a great way to preserve for posterity those cherished moments with your newborn and to capture forever the cuteness of those tiny toes and adorable little hands.  Making your own baby ink footprint is incredibly easy to do and is a wonderful way of creating a keepsake of that special time in your bundle of joy's first few months of life.  All you need to do is get hold of a baby footprint kit, which will contain all the materials you need to safely make baby footprints and handprints.

There are several types of baby footprint kits available, all designed to be totally safe and easy to use.  As well as ink kits, there are also kits that enable you to make clay impressions of your baby's foot and hand prints.  These are generally suitable for babies over 3 months old.  Using safe, non-toxic impression material, creating your baby keepsake footprint can be a lot of fun, with many babies enjoying the squishy feel of the clay between their toes.

A baby footprint poem can make a cherished accompaniment to a footprint, allowing you to express in words your feelings of joy and love for your newborn.  Displaying your work in a baby footprint frame, along with a photo of your child, is a lovely way to create a personalized heirloom piece that captures a magical moment in time and will be treasured for years to come.  Baby footprints and handprints make unique and adorable gifts for proud grandparents, and can take pride of place on dad's desktop or on granny's mantelpiece. 

A lot of fun can be had with baby footprint crafts, and your special art work can be used in a number of ways, from decorating your handmade christening invitations to being displayed alongside your favorite baby photo in a picture frame.  Buying a baby footprint or handprint kit is quick and simple online, with an excellent choice of quality products on offer from online retailers. 

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